Sustainable Shipping

Our Mission

We firmly believe that the maritime industry can achieve environmental sustainability only through the application of the right technology. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all pathway to this vision, we are confident that every vessel has its own optimal technical solution. Our mission is to empower ship operators and shipyards in identifying and realizing these tailored solutions.

Our Story

ISM GmbH was founded in 2023, originating from the Department of Marine Engineering at Hamburg University of Technology. The company was established by two experts:

Thilo Jürgens-Tatje specializing in thermodynamics, hybrid drives, and eFuels

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Wirz has a comprehensive background in ship propulsion systems and maritime equipment.

Both founders brought with them significant practical experience in their respective fields. The combined expertise of the founders positioned ISM GmbH to address maritime challenges effectively, bridging the gap between advanced research and practical application.

The team was further strengthened with the addition of

Matthias Kaul – a specialist in optimization and software development.

ISM GmbH collaborates with ship operators and shipyards to provide solutions tailored to individual ships and broader fleet strategies, always with a focus on promoting sustainability through technology.

Profilfoto Thilo Jürgens-Tatje
Thilo Jürgens-Tatje
Profilfoto Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Wirz
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Friedrich Wirz

Why Choose Us

Flexible and Fast

We quickly adapt to your challange.

Academic Background

You can trust our engineering knowledge.

Independet View

We don’t try to sell you hardware.

Years of Experience

in Future Fuels and Hybrid Systems