The perfect
power system for your ship?

We explore it for you.
Data based.

Our Services

We offer individual engineering services to meet your project needs.

Future-Fuel Consulting

Which fuel is suitable for your application?

Load Profile Measurement

We capture the operational data onboard to ensure a solid foundation for analysis.

Operational Analysis

We visually represent your ship's operations and identify areas of optimization potential.

Hybrid System Design

We identify the optimal propulsion system for your vessel.

Why Choose Us

Flexible and fast

We quickly adapt to your challange.

Academic Background

You can trust our engineering knowledge.

Independet View

We don’t try to sell you hardware.

Years of Experience

Future Fuels and Hybrid Systems

About Our Company

ISM GmbH was founded in 2023 as a spin-off from the Department of Marine Engineering at Hamburg University of Technology

At ISM GmbH, we bridge the gap between contemporary research discoveries
and our profound practical expertise. With agility at our core, we design specialized tools to address your specific challenges.

Let's meet your climate goals!

Together we find your path to zero.